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The New Jersey Anti- Bullying Bill of Rights Act was signed into law on January 5, 2011. The provisions of this law went into effect September 1, 2011 and require that:
  • Every school district adopt a new harassment, intimidation, and bullying policy that is in compliance with the Act.
  • Every school district assign an Anti- Bullying Coordinator and every school have an Anti- Bullying Specialist and School Safety Team.
  • Every school district provide training to current and new school employees, volunteers and contracted service providers who have significant contact with pupils.
  • Every teacher complete at least two hours of instruction in harassment, intimidation, and bullying prevention in each professional development period as part of the professional development requirement pursuant to NJSA 18A:37-22d.

District and School Grade ReportClick Here To View

Anti-Bullying Coordinator:                                       Mr. Dion M. Davis​​​​​​​

School #1 Anti-Bullying Specialist:                              Ms. Siobhan Funches

School #2 Anti-Bullying Specialist:                             Ms. Xenia Perez

School #3 Anti-Bullying Specialist:                             Ms. Bethia Thomas

School #4 Anti-Bullying Specialist:                              Ms. Laura Duca

School #5 Anti-Bullying Specialist:                             Ms. Marcelina Guzman ​​​​​​​

School #6 Anti-Bullying Specialist:                              Ms. Mia Gould

Middle School Anti-Bullying Specialist:                        Ms. Irumu Breau

High School Anti-Bullying Specialist:                           Ms. Carrie Norlin and Ms. Simone Smith​​​​​​​