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Winslow Township High School Wins NFL TV Production Competition

On April 1, 2019, Winslow Township High School’s TV Production program was selected to participate in the first annual NFL Films student film competition. Five area high schools, Lindenwold, Pennsauken, Eastern, Collingswood, and Winslow were selected by the NFL to produce a short film based on football. Students were given a total of three weeks to produce a documentary of their choice.

Our students chose to make a documentary on a fellow student, Marcus Young, whom they respect, and who is a positive example in the classroom and on the field.

Winslow Township High School’s ten student crew worked from April 1 through April 18 to produce an amazing project about one of Winslow's best students. On May 15, 2019, as a result of their hard work and dedication, Winslow Township High School won the NFL Films competition and took home a $1,000.00 prize to benefit the TV Production program. The judges consisted of some of the most experienced and best producers, cinematographers, sound engineers, and story tellers in the business. We are Winslow proud of the following students for representing the Winslow Township School District:

Co-Director/Editor/Camera Operator - James "Lenny" Temple, 12th Grade
Co-Director/ Writer - Eden Marose, 12th Grade
Asst. Director - Brianna Reagan, 11th Grade
Narrator / Writer - Shawn Rodney, 11th Grade
Editor - Edward "Ej" Taylor, 11th Grade
Motion Graphics Supervisor / Camera Operator - Thomas Gaie, 11th Grade
Camera Operator - Chris Campbell, 11th Grade
File Management / Metadata - Farhan Kazi, 11th Grade
Equipment Manager / Lighting - Taj Brown, 11th Grade
Motion Graphics Artist - David Greene, 9th Grade
Teacher – Mr. Norm Ingram